CNBCTV18.com is a new premium digital platform offering important and useful news and information about the stock market, business and economy to audiences in an effective and efficient way. We offer a mix of original and smartly curated coverage of news, analysis and trends about the stock market, business and economy.
CNBCTV18.com is a new kind of financial publication created for users yearning for sharp news in formats that are pleasing and friendly. We created this because we believe financial news can be informative, meaningful and enjoyable. We are quite excited about telling the most compelling news stories in the most compelling way.

Our mission

The mission of CNBCTV18.com is to help the influential and the aspirational make smart decisions to climb the wealth and career ladder.
The platform has also been launched with the objective of keeping the loyal audiences of CNBC-TV18, the undisputed leader of financial news in India, up to date with the latest business and financial news no matter where they are or which device they are using. CNBCTV18.com will complement the award-winning coverage of CNBC-TV18 with an unparalleled digital-first approach that makes the platform vital for anyone with a nose for business news.
We deliver an unprecedented number of multimedia stories, exclusive videos and real-time in-depth data and analysis to keep you smart, sharp and get ahead. We deliver them in platforms and formats that are user friendly and value the time you spend with us.

Here are some key features of CNBC-TV18

  • Truly integrated business newsroom that delivers live streaming of CNBC-TV18 content, special shows, exclusive videos, relevant data, real-time analysis and visual stories and expert guest columns.
  • Most comprehensive coverage of the stock market leveraging the full power of CNBC-TV18.
  • Sharp and distinctive coverage of Indian and global business and economy to provide context and analysis using a large grouping of in-house and outside experts.
  • Premium, user-friendly experience that values the audience's time and attention.
  • Digital-first approach using a mix of textual, video, audio and visual story-telling formats in the devices and medium the audience prefers.

We are telling stories that really matter to you because dear reader, it is you who really matters to us.

So before we publish a story, we will ask ourselves:
  • Is this story really relevant?
  • Is this the story the reader really wants?
  • What is the best way to tell this story for our audience?
  • How can we add value to this story for our audience?
  • We hope you are as excited as we are about CNBCTV18.com
    Thank you for reading this.
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