‘RHOA’: Why Sheree Whitfield Believes Drew Sidora and Her Husband Are Fraudulent

Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has Drew Sidora at the center of the drama. She’s beefing with newcomer Sanya Richards-Ross, but her biggest issue that is set to get even more explosive as the season progresses is with Sheree Whitfield. Their troubles began due to an employee of Sidora’s spreading Whitfield’s business. Now, Whitfield says she knows some information about Sidora and her husband that’ll expose their fraudulent lifestyle. 

Drew Sidora and Sheree Whitfield with 'RHOA' cast members Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss; Whitfield says Sidora and her husband are fradulent
Drew Sidora and Sheree Whitfield with ‘RHOA’ cast members Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Drew Sidora and Sheree Whitfield’s issues began because of Sidora’s assistant

Sidora and Whitfield didn’t get off to a good start. The Step Up star noted that they share a mutual friend named Anthony in common, who at the time worked for Sidora. Anthony alleges he cut ties with Whitfield because he was not compensated. Sidra later told the information to the group, which pissed Whitfield off and caused problems between them.

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“I did not intend to get on the wrong foot with Sheree. I genuinely wanted to get to know her and build a relationship,” Sidora told Shadow and Act. Her co-stars suggested that she fire him, but Sidora kept him around and placed him on probation. 

Since filming wrapped, she has cut ties with the messy assistant. “Anthony is no longer [with us]. He apologized, but he is not my assistant because at the end of the day, I got three kids, and I don’t need no extra drama, especially if I’m paying for it and it’s an extra liability,” she explained. 

The ‘RHOA’ OG snapped back with rumors about Sidora’s husband

Sidra and Pittman joined the show in Season 13, and their marital issues were clear front the beginning. The Game alum admits that divorce has been an ongoing discussion. They remain in couple’s counseling, but their issues persist. Pittman’s tendency to disappear makes conflict worse.

He once left their Georgia home for three days and was unreachable, alleging he needed space and was on a solo beach trip in Florida. She finds his behavior unacceptable.

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This season, the couple’s major issue is Pittman’s relationship with a female assistant that Sidora is uncomfortable with. Despite him firing the assistant, Pittman continues to communicate with her. He also feels that Sidora harps on issues for too long. Once Whitfield learned of the rumors Anthony spread about her, she revealed he spilled the tea about things allegedly going in at Sidora’s home.

According to Whitfield, Anthony questions Pittman’s sexuality. The She by Sheree founder also insists that there are more marital issues that Sidora is trying to hide.

Why she says Sidora has something to hide

Whitfield doesn’t trust the story Sidora is presenting about her marriage. In fact, she believes Sidora is using her assistants and drama with her co-stars to deflect from her marital trouble. Things became even more suspicious when Whitfield’s friend Fatum performed a background check on Sidora and Pittman and learned Pittman uses several aliases, allegedly.

On the RHOA After Show, Whitfield told Kenya Moore, “I think they’re fraudulent anyway.” regarding Pittman and Sidora. Moore asked Whitfield why, with Whitfield responding, “Because they’re up to something. I don’t know, and I got information. It’s gonna come out later.”

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