Steve Martin Says He & Martin Short Got Emmy Noms Because of Selena Gomez

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 is well underway, and viewers have been loving the cozy comedy. In fact, Hulu recently announced that the show has been picked up for season 3. But fans aren’t the only ones loving the series. Critics have had positive things to say as well. Just last week, the show scored a whopping 17 Emmy nominations, including two for its lead actors, Steve Martin and Martin Short. Selena Gomez also scored a nomination for her work as an executive producer on the show.

Emmy nominess and Only Murders in the Building stars Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin
‘Only Murders in the Building’ stars Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin | Frazer Harrison/WireImage

Many people feel that Selena Gomez was snubbed by the Television Academy

But even though Gomez scored a nomination, many feel that the Wizards of Waverly Place alum was snubbed. They feel that she should’ve earned an Emmy nod for her acting alongside her co-stars. With many people calling the actor’s portrayal of Mabel Mora a “career best,” they felt that the singer deserved recognition alongside Short and Martin.

Steve Martin feels the ‘Boyfriend’ singer is a huge reason he and Martin Short received Emmy nominations

Gomez’s main scene partners on Only Murders in the Building seem to agree with the consensus that she deserves recognition for her acting on the show. While speaking with Variety, Martin revealed that the Rare Beauty owner really completes the trio. In fact, he gave the “Birthday” singer partial credit for his own Emmy nomination.

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“We’re a little dismayed that Selena didn’t get nominated because she’s so crucial to the trio, to the show,” Martin shared about Gomez. “She kind of balances us. In fact, in some ways, you can say that we got nominated because of her balance in the show. But we’re happy that she is nominated as executive producer on the show. She’s a big asset for us.”

Gomez gushes about her ‘Only Murders in the Building’ castmates

It seems that the lovefest between the Only Murders in the Building cast flows both ways. While promoting the show, the Selena + Chef star has shared how much she loves working with both Martin and Short. Gomez feels that she’s learned from them both personally and professionally and her comedic chops have strengthened just being in their presence. While speaking with The Awardist, Gomez got candid about working with the dynamic duo.

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“Even when we’re off camera, they’re keeping me on my toes,” Gomez explained of Short and Martin. “They are so quick. It’s unbelievably charming and it’s so witty and smart. Their humor is very smart. It’s not necessarily crass. It’s quick. I think it’s very hard, and I don’t want to say they were constantly on. I think it’s just in their innateness that they completely know how to bounce off each other really well.”

Clearly, there’s no shortage of respect and appreciation between the main cast of Only Murders in the Building. Considering that the show starts filming again in January of 2023, there are many more fun times in store for Gomez, Short, and Martin.

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