‘The Challenge: USA’ cast Melvin ‘Cinco’ Holland Jr., Cashay Proudfoot, Leo Temory, Alyssa Lopez, Justine Ndiba, Cely Vazquez, Tiffany Mitchell, Derek Xiao, Azah Awasum, and Javonny Vega. Pictured (L-R bottom row): David Alexander, Cayla Platt, Tyson Apostol, Tasha Fox, Desi Williams, Shannon St. Clair, Domenick Abbate, and Sarah Lacina
The cast of ‘The Challenge: USA’ | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount

Reality TV is one of the most popular TV genres that encompass unscripted game shows, competition shows, cooking shows, dating shows, home shows, docuseries, and more.

Some of the most famous reality TV shows on air today include Survivor, 90 Day Fiancé, The Bachelorette, The Challenge, The Real Housewives, Masterchef, and more.

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