What’s worth your time in the entertainment sphere, and what can you skip? Showbiz Cheat Sheet aims to help you answer those questions about the latest movies, TV shows, albums, and more.

Our expert writers critically review media, offering an in-depth look at their strengths and weaknesses. We also provide star ratings on our reviews to help readers understand our impression of the media at a glance.

Here’s a breakdown of what each star rating means:

5 Stars: Perfect

Entertainment doesn’t get better than this. It was the zenith of the medium and the pinnacle of excellence. No notes!

4.5 Stars: Excellent

It was seriously impressive and so close to perfection with minimal flaws.

4 Stars: Great 

While we had some minor complaints, we loved it overall.

3.5 Stars: Good 

It all worked for the most part but didn’t wow us.

3 Stars: Mediocre 

It was just OK. It might entertain you, but it could have been better.

2.5 Stars: Unsatisfactory 

Not great, but also not horrible. The cons slightly outweighed the pros.

2 Stars: Lousy

It had promise, but it was an overall disappointing attempt.

1.5 Stars: Bad

Any bright spots were few and far between.

1 Star: Dreadful 

Pretty much everything about this was a disaster.

0.5 Stars: Painful

Save yourself the agony, and skip this.

0 Stars: Irredeemable

Somehow, this managed to do everything wrong.