The OMI Foundation’s Ease of Moving Index-India Report 2022 revealed that Vijayawada has the most well-lit roads, whereas, Jabalpur has the lowest mobility spend in the country. Here’s how Indians commute in various cities.

AGARTALA has the best walking infrastructure

AHMEDABAD has the highest willingness to adopt electric vehicles

AIZAWL scores the highest on clean mobility

BHUBANESWAR has the most seamless mobility system

CHANDIGARH has the highest ease of parking at major transit hubs

COIMBATORE has the shortest access time to transit stops

Most commuters in DEHRADUN can access public transit hubs within 10 minutes using Intermediate Public Transport

GUWAHATI has the lowest instances of petty crimes, such as pickpocketing, in public transport

Mobility spend is lowest in JABALPUR

Most people walk and cycle to access public transport in JAMMU

KANPUR is the safest city to travel on public transport

KOCHI has the highest potential for active and shared mobility adoption

Almost everyone in KOHIMA has a bicycle

KOLKATA has the highest adoption of shared mobility

Public transport usage among women and the trans/non-binary is the highest in LUDHIANA

MYSURU has the easiest availability of public transport information

NAGPUR has the most efficient and reliable public transport system

PANAJI has the highest usage of apps for delivery services

PUNE has the most inclusive mobility ecosystem

Almost everyone in RAIPUR-NAVA RAIPUR uses public transport on a regular basis

SURAT is perceived to have the safest roads

VIJAYAWADA has the most well-lit roads